Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Get your dirty hands clean

~~ Last post before the crack of dawn, tomorrow is another day ~~

I’ve done many wrongs in my life; to name a few here:

(1) Never watched a Transformer movie nor GI Joe (Would rather skip when I am on the flight with absolutely NOTHING to watch)

(2) Kissed a cute girl then told her she need to improve her snooging skill thus I am not interested

(3) Never realize the term “Luxurious” when I am surrounded by people who loves me back

(4) Many many other repetitive bad behaviors ...

Do we all have our sins at some points and just tried to ignore them? Thinking utterly positively for the first time in our lives that we are going to be fine and will end up in heaven after death? I wonder if anyone would even wish to come to my funeral.

Sure there is more serious guilt which I’ve intentionally locked them tight in a little metal box of mine (With a nice little dymo tag on it saying: “If undeliverable, please return to God, NOT ME – no one else can fix these except GOD”) and tried to sink it to the sea several times; but it never works.

It keeps on surface back up and haunts me whenever I have less gratitude towards life.

These crimes came from, of course, a moment of either an excitement or stupidity which I’’d committed to, which I chose to at that particular point in my life.

Start afresh, I choose to not think about them anymore from now on.

What lies in the past is in the past. Don’t get smothered under the past.

Here’s the catch: We choose love. We choose anger. We choose happiness. We choose boredom … we choose, I chose, you can choose too.

Sure we have options in life and all you have to do is to pull the trigger.At the moment, I aim to trigger joy myself; you’ll feel much easier if you realise the fact that joy and pain always appear side-by-side.

" Being and non-being are born of each other,

Difficulty and ease form one another,

Long and short mutually define,

High and Low to each other incline,

Tone and voice as one align, Front and back each other bind.

-Lao Tzu, “Tao Te Ching”.