Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Price to Pay

~~These babies make me climax by just looking at them, who cares about how my heart will ache when the bill comes … later, anyway.~~

I believe that everything has a price tag attached to it, so as an expiry date:

-- A gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin Heels (price starting from USD 600+ and don’t you just love the signature red bottom bits of the shoes where a minimum 4 inches heels extend exclusively from there?) Genuinely comfortable sole, though, if you ask me; which I’ve worn a pair chasing after a departing bus for 5 minutes! Tremendous experience and much sexier looking than wearing dodgy track shoes, right?!

--A decent surf coach usually charge HKD 800+ an hour to teach you surfing techniques, not to mention perving spree that comes with it: Priceless!

-- A Timeless Burberry Trench Coat : Circa GBP 600-1000+ but if you divide the cost by 10 years that you could wear it for (Especially in Rainy miserable London where it is known as the birth place of trench coats plus 360 days per year of drizzle) then, it’s not even GBP 60 a year to invest! Talk about lucrative return here more than any funds available in the market!

Last weekend I went wakeboarding and had complete disaster to knock myself onto some rocks and left my damn knees brutally wounded … ooch!Truth is, I enjoyed mind-blowing X-games; surfing across the wake under blue sky is THE perfect Sundays’ adrenaline stimulation; and thus am more than willing to take the danger which comes with it too.

However, the price often comes with extreme sports is not for everyone to handle: Stitches, Bruises, Injuries and risk of death- just like if you go parachuting, its unquestionably a matter of either being smashed like a pancake if you don’t pull the string or an incredible feeling to fly like a bird which will take your breathe away – you choose.

Ran in this ridicule website lately: www.cheatneutral.comThe idea of CheatNeutral is to offer a service under someone who intend to cheat on their partners but can pay someone else who will refrain from committing infidelity to offset their inadequacies along Boredom in the relationships they are in. But as the founder of the website emphasised, it’s fundamentally the wrong way to go if you stupidly hoping paying $5, which only enough to get you a pack of condoms, would offset your guilt for cheating on your partners, honey, I think you are out of your mind!!

Certainly this website aims to take the piss out of existing Carbon Offsetting industry with criticism; the general public or to be precise, some hilarious “think-they-are-so-smart marketing arses “ reckon if their core businesses inevitably has to play a major part of global warming problem, then why not scam more money out of their customers to offset their crimes?Swanky joke, it is.One can never really predict the price that associate with the impulsive extravagance; it’d certainly spoil the pleasure of the moment, let alone to face the bills.

I once had cheated and been cheated on too; I never felt quiet culpable for going out with another guy behind my man’s back until I found out he’s also having an affair too! There needed no confrontation or any more information because I realised that was just super karma striking back on me immediately. The hurtful feeling did not ease away for months, then there’s a blink of light to let me see it’s what I’ve done that I need to pay the price now! Hence we broke off our unfaithfulness to each other and just let ourselves free.

Sarcastic to talk about indulging with a pair of seductive hot heels and excitement of no- string attached cheating - very similar feeling, I suppose.

There’s no sense and sensibility to substantiate any dark deeds that you do now, will or will not get back to you; whether it’s just a drunken hook-up; a luxurious pair of heels (Hey! I stand by agony behind my only poison!) Or extreme activities you are into; the invisible price tag is what you have to deal with afterwards – I’ve paid my ruthless price, and yet more to come, I figure; What goes around comes around, coming all the way back to you, baby!