Friday, 11 September 2009


~~ I’ve started an incredible journey by moving into this home 3 years ago; just hope a more adventurous page is coming on its way in a lil' less than 3 weeks from now… in another place…~~

Where do you call home?
Home – is my vote for “The most beautiful place in the world”, even after seeing Awesome beaches in Thailand; Breathe- taking mountains in Switzerland; Spectacular temples in Cambodia and Extraordinary outback in Australia –
Home is still the most stunning place no where else can measure up to.
Home – is where you leave early in the morning in a rush; and come back in the evening enchanted with gratefulness.
Home - is the shelter I’d let down my guard and be myself again from a tough day work, extensive business trips, horrible traffic jam, wild night outs, bizarreness and /or all those fester sores I'd have in the outside world.
Every time I put my keys in the key hole and hear that sacred “Click” sound when the door swiftly opens- it promises a long audible exhale and my vigorous heartbeat would calm back down to 70 right away. Divine!
Home – is where I take it for granted the most; Every now and then I am a bit of a slug to take good care of it and would just let the dirty laundries sit there, until I have absolutely nothing to wear.
Occasionally, I’d forget to water the plants and just let them expose to the fierce sun and dry the freak out;
From time to time, I’d hope dust will magically disappear without giving the house a straighten.
Yet, Home is treating me good with great comfort.
Home – is where you gain strength back even when you have to suck up all those soul-selling dark deeds somewhere.
Home – is where you don’t need volumes of reasoning, judgement, criticism, argument but would just resonate to your heart seamlessly.
Home – is where you want to be in the most when life is difficult.
Home – is where heart is. Whenever you are feeling low, stuck in a moment you can’t get out of, don’t forget to come home.
Sadly, all these have to go into storage for now till the journey’s over.