Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Half Glass

~Why would they have “25 cl” mark on a beer pint? To indicate that this glass is 25cl full, you silly!~

How often do you feel grateful to your parents, friends or even to yourself?
How often do you look in the mirror and be filled with gratefulness that you are in such a good form?
Well, I don’t… at least I am aware that I don’t say it enough.

Sometimes we all easily get upset about less than desired situations; it’s always natural for lots of us to take this approach than with the most inconvenience attempt – dealing with it.

A few weeks back, I had a conversation with my dad riding in the tube in China (Yes, we took on a little wonder-about together, and his so-called “plan” got all messed up because, my father is a truly “go-with-the flow” type of guy; and when he tells you “Sweetie, I know what we are doing here!” that should really be translated into: “Love, I have absolutely no clue where we are!”)
I am a person, on the contrary, envision plans, well, at least from a marco perspective anyway. I like to put things into writing, solidify every detail before I take them to execution. It could be appealing to some or simply just a pain in the arse to others, really. Depending on which angle you are looking at it from.

When we got to the tube that day in the middle of absolutely no-where, and not quiet how I originally think we would have ended up- the train was filled with all stinky and bumpy rude people around; trying not to wait for you to get off but push you straight back through into it as they get on. My temper started to build up within myself and I was not afraid to pull a face (Yes! At this age) to my dad and threw a long silence over the 30-minutes tube ride. Until he finally burst out with his usual “Wisdom of the day” speech, telling me tales of life like when I was 4 years old. He said, calmly and delicately, “You know, honey, I used to be exactly like you when I was younger, then I came to China to work for a few years and I realised that different people do things differently in here; they deal with things unlike the rest us & the world; and if it’s the case, you just have to be patient and treat it as one of many lessons you have in life and try to go along with it."

Quote ended. Long pause again.

One-hand, I was really mad my dad would dare to throw me sarcastic comments over this terrible situation ( At least I reckon) instead of comforting me & apologising for such a bad arrangement; on the other hand, I could not admire more how he would still try to educate me and share his life-long experiences with me after all these years.I shall be grateful, I thought to myself.We meet new people everyday in our lives, some of them we connect right the moment we talk, some of them might have different opinions and willing to share; but there are also some who just have hidden agendas.Have we ever say thanks to those we share a conversation with occasionally for their good advices? You never know how these words are stored in your mind simultaneously and will come back to get you when you are struck to the sideway unexpected; and a blink of light would come right through out from your head and goes “Yeh! I remember I was once being told…

”We should have said Thank you the moment we’ve heard all this – Damn! It’s all too late now.
It’ll never be too late, my dad’s sitting right next to me as I write this post, I gave him a big hug and I miss the intimacy with him - just like when I was a kid he used to carry me all the way to the hospital on his back coz I was sick. Considering I was a chubby little 80 pounds meat-loaf at the age of 8, it shouldn’t feel easy to run 5 kilometres with it undeterred.
Feeling his arms and shoulders around makes me content and appreciate even more. There is no word to justify this strong feeling, I thought to myself, what-ever I do wrongly outside of these warm arms, I will always have his shoulder to fall back into to mourn - I know that the instant we hugged.

Go ahead look at your half-glass like you might already, but someday you will be amazed that some people out there don’t even have a poured glass of water at all.