Thursday, 28 April 2011


The fashion industry has, over the years, a history of and reputation for creating numerous career opportunities for the self and not-employed as well as part and full-time positions for enterprising souls.

In the old days, it was more to do with workers at the Haute Couture ateliers embroidering by hand; show makers cutting out leathers and lining soles for luxurious brands; Hermes with hand-made buttons and lining. Not to mention all those front row regulars: Chief editors for Fashion Magazines- whose influence seemed to easily control the trend, designs and everything in the fashion world, according to the Devil Wears Prada/September Issue); designers ( whom recently had drama in that world: Suicide/ broke-down with swearing and rehab- frequent members) & all those skinny models who will never admit they are hooked on ‘unusual’ substances to keep them in shape (apart from the widely admired Christy Turlington with a gorgeous body!)
However more and more vaguely-described professions have developed since the dawn of Social Media 2.0/ Web 3.0/ iPad x.0 etc, namely: Fashionistas, ‘IT girls & boys’, Stylists, Bloggers, etc, etc.

All of these recently evolved professions play a crucial part in the modern fashion industry. They don’t necessarily know how to draw, but there will be handbags named after them.

They don’t necessarily know the designers, but their daily criticism on Twitter earned them a plane ticket, lots of freebies, accommodation & front row tickets to the VIP preview of the new season’s launches.

Look at Tavi, though, whose style is a best described as Islington X Hackney X Westbourne Grove (mainly because she‘s been sent all those Miu Miu & Comme des Garcons new outfits for free!) She managed to make it in to The New York Times and Vogue in 2008 at the age of just 12.

Followed by which, we have a line up of:

Suzie Bubble (Genuinely East London-made)

Rumi Neely ( If you haven’t already heard, she’s the ‘NEW’ Alexa Chung)

BryanBoy (Controversially a male blogger amongst all the aforementioned girl power)

Jane Aldridge (She buys her own Margiela shoes- without asking for freebies!)

With millions of blogs out there on the internet, how did they manage to stand out?

1)      You have to be notorious with a unique view and/or look- It’s easier said than done. Bryon is Filipino and admits he loves his boyfriend- which does give him slight advantage with the rehabilitated Marc Jacobs. To begin with, Jacobs named one of his F/W 2010 handbag collection after Bryon and is rumoured to have hired him to be his new 24/7 ghost tweet-writer (how did we get to such ludicrous job descriptions?). Bryon used to wear high heels and stroll around with his Hermes Birkin to fashion shows. With regards to his views on fashion, it’s not as important after-all.

2)      You gotta be industrious: With the whole world of women waking up every morning and constantly complaining ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-wear-to-work’ ; you have to make sure you wake up (or simply not go to sleep) before them to scream ideas right at them. Follow Alexa Chung ‘s blog with her posting Daily images (surely someone does it for her with her hectic jet-setter schedule); it provides daily muse injection and word-ship session with coffee before work.

3) It’s all about insider’s trade: Who cares about Rachel Zoe anymore? It’s all about the people who have evolved (read: worked) around the celebrities. Her ex-assistant Brad Goreski has started a blog. One might easily give up reading about the unaffordable Christian Louboutin shoes Zoe bangs on about, contrasted with Brad dressing Christian Slater for the March issue of DETAILS magazine. Eye candy Vs shoes - girls, I think you can choose!

All in all, blogging is a devoting ‘career’, especially in ever-changing fashion world. With Tumbrl hitting 30m posts ever day; fashionistas have turned their backs on Facebook & Twitter ( they’re all so 2006, you see?!); and Yves Saint Laurent giving Tumbrl bloggers the first preview of their Fall 2011 collection. Pull together your Blogging CV and get in the game already, will you?